WhatsApp Gold Introduction for Everybody

WhatsApp Gold Master  They are after all the money you have on your bank account if you follow the link in the message you will be asked to update your payment information if you do so you voluntarily hand over your bank account to criminals it sounds terrible fight the good news is you can protect yourself from all this by following some easy tips first here is what WhatsApp Gold itself recommends you should look out for the following points when you suspect a fraud the center is reassuring you he is affiliated with whatsapp the message is telling you it afford it to others the message claims that if you forward it you can avoid account suspension and other types of electronic punishment the message promises you a reward or gift from whatsapp or other companies moreover we have put together a list of five things you should keep in mind not to become a victim of whatsapp fraud? Number five WhatsApp Gold is free and it does not want you to forward messages to other people 99% o